Jack Wilcock France Death: Wheeler Dealers World Tour actor has died

United Kingdom:- A young man who appeared on Wheeler Dealers World Tour, a Mike Brewer and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley’s British TV series has passed away. The deceased has been identified as Jack Wilcock. He was announced dead on X app formerly known as Twitter on Monday, the 20th of May 2024 by Pete Childs, a former British Karting Competitor of the 1990s.

There was no cause of death reported for Jack Wilcock at the time of this publication. While announcing the death of Jack Wilcock, mourners took to social media to extend their condolences. One of the mourners said, thoughts and prayers for Jack Wilcock, who made an appearance on the show. “Great job as always on the 2CV Elvis and Mike. Such a shame that there is less freedom to mod cars in France than say here in the UK.”

About Wheeler Dealers World Tour

Mike and Elvis are going global. This time, the stakes are higher, the deadlines tighter and the motor transformations are more jaw-dropping than ever. Mike and Elvis are going global.

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