Richard Sorin Columbia SC Death, Sorinex Exercise Equipment Founder has died

Sadly, Richard ‘Pops’ Sorin of Columbia, South Carolina, the founder of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, has gone away. Those who knew him were shocked and in disbelief when he passed away at the age of 73. He was announced dead through a Facebook post that reads “R.I.P Richard “Pops” Sorin. The world of strength and fitness lost a legend today. I cannot say enough great things about Richard, and everyone I’ve met at Sorinex Exercise Equipment. My heart hurts.” The cause of his death is unknown.

Richard Sorin Career

Renowned grip strength expert and strongman Richard “Pops” Sorin reached a noteworthy career high in March 2023 when he was admitted into the International Sports Hall of Fame. This recognition is a testament to forty years of commitment, creativity, and love for the strength training industry. The iconic figure’s journey started in 1980 in a small two-car garage when Richard Sorin, a school teacher, set out on a goal that would change the weightlifting equipment industry.

Richard Sorin was more than just a teacher in 1980—he was a man with a mission. His days consisted of teaching the scholastic weightlifting club, running the AM and PM bus, teaching gym classes, and organizing the staff jogging club. He worked nonstop from dawn to sunset. Sorin managed to find time and energy to pursue his dream despite his demanding schedule. Every night, when he finished his teaching duties, he would dash over to the steel yard to buy supplies for his growing enterprise.

About Richard Sorin

Richard Sorin has a deep passion for weightlifting. He had competed at the national level in Olympic weightlifting and collegiate track and field, so he was familiar with the nuances of the sport. But he was often let down by the poor quality of weightlifting equipment that was readily available. He made the decision to act independently because he was determined to increase the standard. Sorin started making hand-cut, hand-welded steel equipment in his tiny garage, believing that weightlifters should have equipment that meets the highest standards.

Sorin has a devoted following among athletes and fitness enthusiasts thanks to his unwavering commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence. For serious weightlifters, his products—which were renowned for their dependability and personalized features—became indispensable. He served as an inspiration to a generation of sportsmen and businesspeople by demonstrating that everything is achievable with perseverance, enthusiasm, and creativity. His narrative serves as a tribute to the value of pursuing one’s dreams and the strength of tenacity.

Richard Sorin’s obituary will be released by the family

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