Rouven Lauer Mannheim Stabbing, Police officer stabbed to death by 25-year-old Afghanistan refugee during Pax Europa event

Police officer Rouven Lauer was stabbed by 25-year-old Afghanistan refugee during the Pax Europa event in Mannheim, Germany. officer Rouven Lauer has passed away from his injuries. He was announced dead through a social media post that read “The 29-year-old policeman Rouven Lauer, who wanted to protect the participants of a civil movement critical of Islam, did not survive the stabbing of a 25-year-old Afghan. A hero who fought for our safety. A lot of strength and comfort to the family. R.I.P.”

What happened to Rouven Lauer?

A 29-year-old German police officer died on Sunday from injuries he received in a knife attack in Mannheim’s central square, which also left five other people hurt, according to officials. Officials say that a 25-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan repeatedly stabbed the policeman in the head and neck. The officer underwent emergency surgery on Friday to heal the wounds. The cop was placed in an artificial coma, but he died on Sunday from his wounds.

At a gathering on Sunday at the attack site, twenty-two of the officer’s coworkers honored their departed buddy by taking off their hats. After being shot by another cop, the suspect was hospitalized and placed under arrest on accusation of attempted murder by a judge. Because the suspect was not in a condition to be questioned, police and prosecutors have not disclosed the reason behind the attack.

Anti-Islamist activist injured

The attack happened during a gathering organized by Pax Europa, a group that educates the public about the threats faced by the “increasing spread and influence of political Islam.” Among those hurt was 59-year-old anti-Islamist activist Michael Stürzenberger, a prominent member of the group who has given speeches at its gatherings. Four additional males, ages 25, 36, 42, and 54, were also victims. Although the 54-year-old man’s injuries were once thought to be fatal, he is now safe.

Rouven Lauer obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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