Taylor Neltner Burlington, KY Death: Former Johnson University Soccer Player has died

Taylor Neltner of Burlington, Kentucky has died. This was disclosed on a social media post on May 23. The cause of her death have not been disclosed as at the time of this report. Her loss is a profound one to her family and friends from her alma mater.

About Taylor Nelter

Taylor Nelter lived in Burlington, Kentucky, where she spent most of her adulthood life. She was a free spirited person, lovable and kind. And she contributed positively and intelligently to the growth of her community. She was a one-stop person in matters of productivity and excellence.

Taylor attended Randall K. Cooper High School and she was one of the brightest student in her class. She was also an outstanding student, athlete, and friend to many on school. She played women’s soccer for Johnson University and graduated from the psychology department in December 2022. Taylor has been a vital member of the Lady Jags Family for a long time. She started out as a player and over time developed into a leader and teammate to everyone. Each girl and coach who was fortunate enough to be in her life felt the warmth and effect of her heart.

Her Mentors’ Tribute to Taylor Neltner

Taylor Neltner’s death has been very painful to her lecturers and mentors. A mentor, coach and friend of hers has written a tribute for her pouring out his deep regret about her death. He said “…For me, personally, I have lost a daughter, a co-coach, a mentee, and a best friend; and life will never be the same. And for so many others, I know the same is true for you…” -Scott Hughes


Please extend your sincere condolences, prayers, and comforting thoughts to Taylor’s sister Tori Neltner, her mother Jayme Hamilton Neltner, and the rest of her family. They require help since they are experiencing unthinkable things.

Taylor’s funeral arrangement and obituary will be made available by her family.


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