Last Updated: 23/08/2023

Thanks for visiting the Terms and Conditions page of Celebsity. These terms are for when you visit our website and look at the content here. If you use or see what’s on it, it means you agree to follow these rules. If you don’t like any part of these rules, then don’t use our website.

Content and Use

The things you see on Celebsity are there to give you info and make you smile. But they’re not a replacement for real advice. We don’t promise that everything is accurate, complete, or reliable.

You can check out our content for yourself but don’t change it, share it, sell it, or do anything else with it without asking us first.

User Contributions

You might get the chance to put up comments or content on our site. When you do, you’re letting us use it however we want. You’re saying we can show it, change it, and more.

What you give us should be okay to share and shouldn’t mess with other people’s rights. If it’s not okay, we can take it down.

Intellectual Property

Everything on Celebsity, like words, pictures, logos, and other things, is protected by rules like copyright and trademarks. Only we can use our content unless we say you can.

The trademarks and logos on our site are ours. Don’t use them without asking.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Celebsity is how it is. We don’t promise anything about how it works, if it’s right, or if you can use it.

We’re not responsible for any problems our site might cause you. If something goes wrong, we’re not to blame.

Limitation of Liability

We’re not responsible for any bad stuff that might happen from using our site, even if we knew about it. That includes losing money or not being able to use your data.

Modification and Termination

We can change, stop, or end our site whenever we want. We can also change these rules. If we do, we’ll put the new ones here.

Rules and Laws

These rules are based on the laws of Federal jurisdiction, even if they don’t always agree with each other.

Need to Ask Us Something?

If you’re not sure about these rules, you can contact us by sending an email to: We’re here to help!