Trump team works behind the scenes to alter GOP stance on abortion and marriage

Donald Trump’s allies are actively participating in state-level battles to determine who will serve on the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Platform Committee. This effort is aimed at preventing the party’s platform from becoming too extreme on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage ahead of the 2024 general election. Trump’s campaign is strategically supporting candidates for the committee to ensure the platform remains palatable to a broader electorate.

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These actions have sparked internal debates, particularly on social issues, with some party members expressing concern over potential shifts in long-standing positions. The platform, last updated in 2016, covers various issues including abortion, marriage, and more, and the upcoming changes are critical as they will shape the party’s stance in the 2024 election cycle. Read the full article here.

Marriage and Abortion

The rise in abortion and the collapse of marriage are intrinsically linked; 85 per cent of abortions occur among non-married women. Some 35 per cent of pregnancies among non-married women are ended by abortion. Among married women, the figure is 3 per cent.

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